Camp Mahanaim Update

Dear family and friends; Thank you so much for your outpouring of kindness and prayers for us these past few days. We have been busy and have emptied our house, the guesthouse and as much of the other buildings as possible. We moved most everything to the shop (which is high ground) and has a tin roof and is the only building not seriously structurally damaged. We are so thankful for the kindness of our fellow missionaries at the Dairy farm (10 minutes from camp), who have invited us to stay in their apartment and make it our home base. It would not be safe for us to stay at the camp as all of the buildings continue to move and sink into the soft ground. We will not be surprised if some more of the buildings have totally collapsed tomorrow after the storm and rain. Also, the wall along the river is destroyed, so there is no protection for the yard when the river floods. Lord willing, we plan to sell, give away and organize all the equipment and supplies at the camp, and then we are hoping in a couple of weeks that Agape flights can fly us together with Sandy the dog to Venice, Florida. Once in Florida we plan to meet with Danny Thomas (Harvest director) and then hopefully, rent, buy, or borrow a small motorhome and drive through the US and into Canada.

Thank you for your continued prayers as we make these decisions and transitions. We don’t know if/when we will return to Haiti at some point in the future, or if the Lord has another place for us to serve as missionaries. We know that for now we are planning to head home to process everything and see family, Lord willing. Thanks again for you prayers and support. Bye for now.

Love Rod, Debbie, and Katie

Next Steps Post Earthquake

By now you have all heard about the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on Saturday morning. Duane and I had spent last week in Haiti working at the hospital. However, it seems a little unimportant at this point.

What we know so far – the center was undamaged during the earthquake. Almost immediately, the injured started showing up, and lots of them. Our staff responded in a mighty way. Soon all the beds and spaces were full and they were making people comfortable outside; and they keep coming, filling every open area around the hospital. The surrounding area has been hit really hard. I don’t have much for pictures at this point, but some of what you see on the news is from nearby.

The staff have responded very well and are working very hard to serve these injured people. We pray that we are a good example of Christ’s love as we serve and that their hearts will become open for the gospel message.

There are four of us leaving on Thursday for Haiti – Dr. Jose Dominguez, Dr. Sean Apple, Dr. Dylan Nugent and myself. We plan to be there for 10 days. We are hoping to have a better understanding of the needs for the short term.

After the hurricane in 2010, Dr. Bill felt the right thing to do was not to charge people for services. We have decided to do that again until we feel the need has been filled. This will be expensive; however, we have faith that our needs will be taken care of. Please consider how you could help us serve the Haitian people of the Les Cayes area.

Please pray for safe travels, wisdom in the decisions we need to make, and healing for the hurting people during this difficult time

You can donate by:

Checks made out to:

Centre De Sante Lumiere (CSL)

2632 28th SW

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Dear family and friends; Just a quick note to let you know that we experienced an earthquake this morning and it was a big one. The camp was full of about 150 people (70 volleyball boys) and 80 families on a retreat here, and nobody was injured thank the Lord.

Every building here is seriously damaged and some are unsafe to enter and the yard is full of crevasses.

We hear that there was a lot of damage in Les Cayes. We aren’t sure what we will do now, but appreciate your prayers.

By for now,

Love Rod, Deb, and Katie