Camp Mahanaim Waterslides

We finally completed the rebuilding of the water slides here at Camp Mahanaim and they have already been very well used. If you would like to watch some videos of the water slides in action you can click on this link: Camp Mahanaim Water slides

It is very exciting to see the Haitian kids enjoying the slides so much and one of the favorites is the new tube slide.

On the first Sunday in March, Lord willing, we plan to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Renault Sunday school program.

10 years ago we started out with one small tent and a group of about 50 children. Many of the children that now attend, have come faithfully for ten years.

With the help of visiting teams we have done several weddings these past few weeks. The couples have been especially thankful for the opportunity to get married. I believe it was this couple that had 17 children and had been together for many years.

Katie has done an amazing job of dressing the brides. She has a great ability to pick out just the right dress for each bride. Several of her friends from the Angels volleyball team help in ministry also, which makes it fun for all.

The brides were beautiful.

One of the pastors insisted that Deb and I speak in the church as the couples were being married. I was wearing jean shorts and a white t-shirt, so the pastor loaned me his suit jacket and I hid behind the pulpit so people couldn’t see my jean shorts. Deb looked great as always.

Thanks to the help and partnership of teams, we had a great camp last week with about 150 Haitian young people.

It was a week full of fun activities for us all.

They jam about 75 kids in each bus for the two hour trip to get home.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers! We are thankful that the Woodmizer sawmill has arrived and we look forward to putting it to work.

bye for now,

Love Rod, Deb and Katie

Katie to the rescue

Dear family and friends;

Summer camps have begun here at Camp Mahanaim and the visiting teams have done a great job of helping out, including bringing amazing crafts for the campers to do. We were surprised three weeks ago when our dear friend and long time co-worker Myrlande resigned. She left some big holes to fill, including the leading of the Renault Sunday school program and we are so thankful that Katie has stepped up and helped out.

Katie helping lead the Renault Sunday school

Katie translating at camp

Katie helping lead singing at camp

Katie helping kids do crafts at camp

Katie also leads the “Angels” volleyball team as the setter and last month, our Angels beat the Haiti national Under 20 volleyball team, and several of our girls are very young like Katie (14 years old).

Deb has also done great, and is giving jobs to our “Angels” volleyball girls more and more, not only as workers but as camp counselors too.

Deb has many visitors who love and depend on her every week

Please pray for us as we seek the Lord’s will for the Renault Sunday school which continues to grow.

Also, we would appreciate your prayers as we are working with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to take the Angels volleyball team to the Dominican Republic for games and ministry in early July.

Thanks, bye for now,

Love Rod, Deb and Katie

April Showers

Dear family and friends;

We seem to live in the land of adversity, as again, we are receiving huge amounts of rainfall. This morning we measured that more than 30 inches of rain has fallen in the past 48 hours.



It’s been nice to have our son Tim here for the past 5 weeks doing one of his physiotherapy placements in Les Cayes.  While here, Tim produced and filmed our first Creole bible lesson and we are really happy with the 16 minute film that we plan to use at Renault Sunday school.


Myrlande, who has been our long time partner in ministry, was married last weekend. She seems very happy and assures us that her ministry with us will continue.


It has been a very productive past two weeks as we have had a small team of semi-retired friends from Grand Rapids here, who have done a ton of work. They put an extension on the Renault Sunday school and they put two large roofs on at the camp. This pretty much completes the repairs since hurricane Matthew.


Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We totally depend upon God’s care and guidance each day.

Thanks, bye for now,

Love Rod, Debbie, Katie and Tim

Buckets of Love


Dear family and friends;

We have had a busy, but great start to 2017. We have been amazed by the way you have responded since hurricane Matthew hit Haiti. Thank you so much!

It’s been a privilege for us to distribute more than 600 buckets of love.  

As well as giving buckets and food to many people, we have been able to build a complete new wall along the Laquille river to protect Camp Mahanaim.  The wall is 8 feet high and 3 feet thick at the base with baskets of rocks under it. 

We have also been doing weddings. When the dresses are washed and the sun isn’t shining, we hang the dresses in our house to dry.

We did medical clinics last week with the Missouri medical team and they saw about 2800 people in one week. We also hosted our first camp back at Camp Mahanaim since the hurricane. It was a soccer camp.

Katie turned 14 on Feb 5th. It is hard to believe that we have been in Haiti 14 years.

Many of the young girls who have grown up in our Sunday School have now had babies and Deb takes special care of them all.

Thanks so much for your continued support and prayers and partnership,
bye for now,
Love Rod, Deb and Katie

Transformation at Camp Mahanaim

Dear family and friends;
Merry Christmas! Thanks so much for your care and encouragement these past two months. We are going to try to show some of the transformation that has happened at Camp Mahanaim since hurricane Matthew struck just over two months ago. We are so thankful for your help and support as you have stood with us to make this recovery possible.



With the help of a team of 11 men we installed wire cages in the river and filled them with rocks. We are rebuilding the protective wall along the river on these rock cages. The river wall is 7 to 8 feet tall and is made of rocks cemented together. We have already brought in more than 110 truck loads of rocks.

This past month we said good-bye to our faithful old friend Rambo, who has been with us and served us well for many years. We also parted with the old army truck.


We are really thankful for the help and care from so many people in the village. They have been a huge encouragement and support to us. Thanks also to the team at Harvest International who have helped us greatly, including sending containers of food and supplies. We have been able to carry out distributions every couple weeks for the people who live near us.


Please continue to pray for us that God would direct us regarding the Renault Sunday school. This past Sunday we had more than 1,500 children. They really want to learn and are very well behaved, but we just don’t have enough space in the existing building and hardly in the yard.

It’s great to have our son Tim home for Christmas with us. He has made up a short video of the progress here at the Camp since the hurricane, if you’re interested in seeing the latest happenings in greater detail. We’re excited to have a real Haitian Pine Christmas tree this year.

Thanks again. Merry Christmas!

bye for now,

Love Rod, Deb, Katie and Tim