Prayer Requests

  • For Dr. Bill as he recovers from his extensive surgery on October 15.  Pray that he will have useful time left to finish up desired projects.
  • For the reintegration process of Dr. William returning to CSL as a full fledged, legal surgeon in Haiti’s eyes, plus working with a part time orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Lamy, to help people in that area of need.
  • For needed funds for the Solar Project, we have about half of what we need to complete the project, are working on doing what we can with the funds we have and then will do more as funds allow.
  • For construction and preparation of the Pediatric Ward, this is funded by gifts given by friends in memory of Karen, my wife of 45 years and instrumental in helping me do what I have been able to accomplish for His glory
  • Safety and organizations of the teams going the next 6 months or so to complete the above mentioned projects

Updated 10/28/2020

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