Haiti Update – January 2021

Friends of CSL,

As a board of CSL we are deeply saddened with Dr. Bill’s passing. However, he had a very difficult few months leading up to his home going and we are happy his suffering is over.
Dr. Bill has given us a very good foundation to work from and we hope and pray that we, with God’s help, can continue the work that was begun in Haiti.

Over the past few years we have been blessed to have Welser Romelus as administrator and Dr. Moise and Dr. William as doctors. They have proven to be very capable of serving the patients and the people at the hospital. The day to day operations at the hospital are in very capable hands, each one trusting Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The past few months have been both a challenge and a blessing and we are very excited to see God working through the projects that have been tackled. We are amazed that even with all the issues we have faced this year we have been able to get several teams safely to and from Haiti. We have been blessed with a very large number of people who have supported this work in so many ways. This couldn’t happen without your support and we are so grateful. These projects and improvements will allow the staff at CSL to expand and improve the service to the Haitian people. Our goal is that everyone who visits CSL will see and hear about the Love of Christ. The Chaplains reported that there were 82 salvations in December and 122 in January. Praise the Lord. This is why we do what we do.

There has been growth and additions in several departments at the hospital – physical therapy, a physical therapist, an orthopedic doctor, and the return of Dr. William – bringing the need for additional exam rooms. This has made the hospital very busy and in need of reorganizing and adding space to operate.

The first step in November was to move the Dental Clinic into a new space that was created for them. We converted a storage space by adding plumbing, electrical, and tile, making a small but effective place for them to operate.

Then in December, their old building was completely transformed; the inside was completely stripped and 9 office spaces were built. When the walls were up, doors installed, electric in, and plumbing and painting completed, we moved the USAID program into the newly remodeled building. This freed up badly needed space in the clinic. We also had a team come to start preparing the electric system of the whole facility for a solar system installation.

January 2021 was extremely busy. A team arrived to install new steel doors throughout the whole facility, 85 of them. Seems like we are constantly spraying for termites. However, almost every door had been damaged by them. These new steel doors are beautiful and will never be affected by termites. We also had two teams come to replace the roof over the in-patient area. This roof needed to be redone to be able to have solar panels mounted to it. An unbelievable amount of work has been done. It completely changed the look, and it looks great. The out-patient clinic and pharmacy have been remodeled with moved walls, new doors, and electric.

We have completed the prep work for a Solar system. We will now be getting final quotes on a system. A system is expensive, but with the uncertainty of electricity from the government, it is sometimes difficult getting diesel, and the cost of replacing and maintaining generators gives us good reasons to install a solar system. We also desire to increase the level of service we provide; using generators and inverters we can only provide very limited electricity during the night. Our emergency room continues to get busier and busier as the community realizes we provide good service. Having a good system will allow us to have 24 hr. good electric service.

This process started in September. We again can’t begin to thank all those involved in helping. We can’t help but think about 1 Peter 4: 10-11: “Each should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” Thanks for giving your talents and gifts.

I have attached a picture of the hospital and a picture of Welser Romelus the Administrator.

Welser has worked for CSL since 1993. He and his wife Bertilde have two children – a boy and a girl. He is a life-long resident of the area. He has a very difficult job, but he has a big heart to serve the Haitian people; we look forward to working with our brother for a long time.

Duane, Dan and a whole team of people

Details on William Ten Haaf’s Visitation/Funeral

Dear All:


Please see more formal details regarding visitation and funeral arrangements at this link:




For those who are unable to come, there will be a livestream of the service, this Sunday, January 10 at 4pm (eastern) through the Byron Center Bible Church website that will later be posted to their Youtube channel.


We regret we cannot respond to everyone personally at this time given everything going on, but we do appreciate your thoughts and prayers, and will respond if we are able.


Rachel and James for all


Final Missive From the Haitian Donkey

Dear All:


We write to you this email with a mixture of emotions, because Dad has finally gone Home. At a time when many have had to spend their final days alone, we are grateful that he was able to be cared for at home through hospice and with the love of his family surrounding him. Thank you to everyone who has emailed or reached out to him during these past days. Your love and prayers were clearly present even through the hardest of times. Special thanks to his nurse siblings who took time off so they could care for him at home, and to all who watched him overnight these last few days. We were able to say goodbye to him even last night, which was a blessing.


We will be in touch with visitation and funeral arrangements in the next couple of days, as plans are finalized. We hope that both will take place this weekend. We will do our best to respect social distancing guidelines, and plan to ensure a livestream for all who can’t attend, including Dad’s loved ones in Haiti and elsewhere.


God Bless,

James and Rachel for the family

The Haitian Donkey Nears the Finish Line (Presumably)

Dear All,


It’s been roughly a week since we last wrote to you from our dad’s account to let you know that he had chosen to be put on hospice care. Since then, his health has steadily declined. Nevertheless, the care he gave to others in his life is being returned to him now as he is surrounded by his (many) siblings and their families who have taken over the tasks beyond what hospice offers, showing him their love in this most practical of ways. Because of this, he has been able to remain at home and spend time with his children, even hold his grandchildren when his health permits. He has received voice messages from dear friends in Togo and been able to speak briefly with his team of surgeons (and friends) in Haiti, all of which has encouraged him. We (and he) appreciate his extended family, his many friends, his coworkers, fellow churchgoers, and all of you for the support you have and continue to give him.


Please continue to hold him up in prayer over the next few days, above all as the pain increases beyond the limits of even a man as strong as he is. The pressure from fluid buildup in his body is making it difficult for him to breathe let alone speak, so most of all, we pray for him to find a measure of peace and respite from the pain even as he leaves us.  Pray also that our Father in heaven smooths his journey home, and that Dad would find peace and acceptance from the Word which he cherishes, even now that he can’t always read it on his own. He has run his race even in difficult times and is nearing the end. Thank you all for your support in this eight year battle, and we will continue to notify you when we have significant updates,


Rachel and James for the whole family