Haiti News – May 2024

Haiti has been in the news quite a bit the last couple months, and the things you see and hear are real. Sadly, life has been difficult and dangerous for many years, and the recent accounts have to some degree been occurring for quite a while. Since their president was killed in 2021, they have not had a functioning government. We had three teams at the hospital in January who experienced much travel difficulty, and we were warned when we left that the gangs had big plans to take over in the near future. Days after we left, the acting prime ministry left the country to get help, the gangs seized control of Port Au Prince, and travel to Haiti has been impossible since.

Even amongst this violent background, we see the Lord’s hand of blessing on this ministry. The hospital has been able to remain open and those who come through the doors are still receiving medical help and hearing the message of salvation.

Although we are not able to get many supplies into Haiti, we have been able to send them the basics. Agape Flights is a ministry that serves missionaries in the Caribbean by flying supplies to them, and they have been delivering supplies to the hospital for us weekly. Their ability to send these supplies is a great blessing. We will continue to send supplies this way until we are able buy supplies in country and/or ship a container. Please pray for continued resources to be able to send these supplies.

One of our functions overseeing the hospital is to keep the equipment in working order. This can be difficult even when we are there. We try to keep a lot of spare parts on hand and the back-up equipment in functioning order to be utilized until we can get there to make the proper repairs. Thankfully, our solar system has been giving us reliable, consistent power which has kept the number of electrical issues at a minimum. However, we have had x-ray issues with all three of our machines recently. One of these machines, our favorite, is a portable machine that can be used anywhere in the facility. It was donated by Samaritan’s Purse following the earthquake in 2021. We have now ordered a second portable x-ray machine, a cost of almost $38,000, so that we will have a backup.

Including the x-ray machine, our 2024 expenses to date have amounted to $92,463.36. These expenses are in addition to the day-to-day operational costs of the hospital. Equipping the staff with the tools they need is an important part of this ministry. Please remember them in your prayers and support us as you are able.

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day here; in Haiti it was Nurse’s Day, and we celebrated the dedication and service of our nurses. We would be lost without them. Day in and day out they faithfully care for their patients. These ladies continue to learn and grow, seeking to care more professionally, often with less than desirable supplies and equipment.

Thank you to all our nurses!

We don’t know how long it will be before life is back to a sense of normalcy in Haiti. Until then, we will continue to trust in the Lord’s provision and do what we are able to from here. Thank you for your continued prayer and money support. You are blessing to this ministry.

Dan Boerman