March News – Unrest and Violence

I am sure you are all wondering how the unrest in Port Au Prince has affected our ministry at Centre de Sante Lumiere. By Gods’ grace, the violence has not made its way to Les Cayes yet. Talking with some of our people there, the shops are open (though with little to sell) and the schools and hospital are still open. However, there is a dark cloud hanging over everything.

The news coming out of Port Au Prince is pretty grim. It is being reported that the gangs now control 80% of the city and were able to break into prisons, releasing thousands of prisoners to add to their numbers. This is in protest of the government, and they have demands for changes they want to see happen. As a result, all airports in the country have closed, preventing anyone from leaving and supplies from being flown in. Many residents of the city are in hiding and unable to get out for food and other basics. The gangs have also gained control of the shipping port which is keeping supplies from reaching other areas of the country. Food, fuel, and medical supplies are getting to be in short supply, and this could have devastating effects for the entire country.

Following is an update I received from Dr. Moise:

Good evening to all. As you know for about three years Haiti has become the country of gangs, a cemetery for the dead, a country ravaged by violent demonstrations throughout the country and our small Hospital site in the south of the country (Cayes)has suffered huge consequences because patients couldn’t come to the hospital and people who arrived with gunshot wounds do not have the means to pay their bills. Now the whole country is controlled by gangs who make the law with the complicity of members of the people in power, businessmen and certain power-hungry politicians. Since the beginning of March the gangs have controlled the entire country and have managed to burn down many police stations, public buildings and even the private residence of the head of the national police. Now no more transportations buses, airplanes from anywhere to Cayes. Foods, Meds very difficult to get. By the grace of God, we are still alive and we live from day to day because no one knows what will happen next day. Please keep praying for Haiti and for our employees God bless

I also received the following message from a German missionary who resides near the hospital:

Hello Dan,

Hope you are doing well so far in our distorted world. The situation in Haiti develops not in a good way. Humanly spoken because we can´t see behind God´s plan. So we have a situation we do not like and we want to escape from it but in the bible, it is not written that things will become better until Christ returns.
Situation is not encouraging for the moment. Lots of people want to go. Agape Flights may come on Friday and a few missionaries will fly out. From here to the Dominican Republic and then to the US.
After that we don´t have any flights from or to Haiti since weeks. We are glad that the Les Cayes area is more or less safe. We have been in town, Banks and other businesses are open. We can do our work.

One more interesting thing. Last Saturday I was in prison. Truly. The background story is that we heard since the government is not functioning anymore, they can´t feed the prisoners. Or they don´t have enough food for them. More than 900 here in the Les Cayes prison. So, what happened? Friday evening Johannes and Luise said, we may should help. We called one of the MEBSH pastors and he made some connections with some of the people in charge of the prison. We decided to go Saturday morning. Together we went into town and bought some sacks of rice, beans, corn and a few canisters of vegetable oil. Then we went to the prison. Man, that is dungeon. To go into prison in Haiti is really a punishment. They are jamming together in a large room. If you have money, you may buy a bed for one night and probably have to share it with others. You have to see that place otherwise you won´t believe it. Prison in Germany is hotel compare to that. We may go again if we get some funds for that. It´s not possible doing that every week but maybe once a while.
Those are the latest news so far. We will see, how things will develop the next weeks.
Have a good evening,

It is a helpless feeling for us to be here in the states, seeing and hearing about what the Haitians are experiencing, and we are lifting up many prayers for Gods’ intervention. We will closely monitor and hope to be able to fly in needed supplies for the hospital once Agape Flights is able to fly there again. Pray for the staff at CSL and us as we work through this difficult time.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Dan & Duane