CSL News – July 2023

The Centre de Sante Lumiere staff continue to serve in mighty ways. The hospital is busier than ever as we see much activity in the surgery, orthopedic, and OBGYN programs. These increases require our staff to become more knowledgeable and efficient, demanding extra effort from all. It is a joy to see their desire in improving their service to the Haitian people. By exhibiting God’s love to all patients, they are opening doors for the chaplains to be met with open minds in their gospel discussions. We continue to rejoice with many salvations each month. Our goal is not just to heal the body, but to share the source of healing to the soul as well.

A few patients that we’ve been able to administer much needed medical care to are highlighted below.

Ms. Rosnie is a 54-yr old woman who developed gangrene in her left leg. She first went to a hospital in her town 5 hours away but they had no surgeon. She was referred to CSL for treatment. This was the initial presentation of diabetes. She required an emergency amputation above the knee, along with aggressive antibiotics and diabetic education.

Kentia is a 6-yr old girl that sustained a major open fracture of her leg in May of 2022 when she was backed over by a car. She came to CSL from 3 hours away because of our orthopedic trauma program. She required multiple surgeries, a hospital stay of 3 months, and a return in December to undergo additional surgeries to repair her leg. She likes to play with dolls and wants to become a nurse when she grows up. All of her treatments have been covered by the Poor Fund as her family had no money to pay her medical bills. Your support of this fund is such a blessing!

Duane and Ruth Verkaik and Tom and Laurie Vander Kodde made a recent trip down to the hospital. Duane writes about their trip:

“The travel into Les Cayes was uneventful and without any trouble at all. The road between the small airport and the international airport was not busy.

Monday morning Tom started with 10 Haitian workers rebuilding shelving in the operating/surgical room area where the termites had destroyed the old shelves. The guys finished and the new solid surface shelving will hold up much better than wood.

Duane repaired the sterilizer, washing machine and physical therapy equipment, as well as sorting and putting away the many items that arrived on the last container.

A high point for Duane and Tom were morning devotions with the workers. The discussion was very honest in trying to answer questions the Haitians had regarding God seemingly not hearing their prayers for daily food and work. Their day to day struggles are difficult for us who have an abundance and appear to have it all in their eyes. What do we say?

Ruth and Laurie did a variety of jobs including sorting and putting away, feeding the workers each day, along with encouraging the housekeeping staff with a fun afternoon meeting. Laurie shared with the ladies the importance of praying together for their children.

The staff at the hospital have become a team, from the doctors, to the finances, patient care, guards, and housekeeping crew. It is very encouraging to see. Dr. Bill would be pleased!

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life” – John 3:16”

July and August are extremely hot months in Haiti which puts extra stress on everyone. For me, it means 3 showers a day – morning, noon, and night. Think about those who don’t have the luxury or ability to even shower once a day. Life continues to be hard in Haiti with lots of shortages, inflation, and violence. Pray for the staff as they continue to minister to all who walk in the doors; that in spite of the many struggles they face each day, they will showcase the eternal hope and joy found only in the Lord. As always, thank you for your continued support!


Dan Boerman