Thanksgiving News

As we just finished celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday last week, we are reminded of all God’s blessings and provisions. We have had a trying year – so many things have happened that we could not have expected. Yet we trust in God’s perfect will and plan and see His blessings even through the trials.

Haiti has had a hard year with the gangs making life difficult for everyone – it is definitely a land of turmoil. But I’m happy to report that the gangs gave everyone a FREE WEEKEND earlier this month and we were finally able to get our container safely delivered to the hospital after it had been sitting in Port au Prince since we shipped it in September. This container was loaded with all the solar panels and the hardware needed to mount them to the in-patient roof, along with a lot of building materials and general supplies. Our batteries have been parked on a cargo ship outside of Los Angeles for some time; I believe they have now made it on shore and are going through customs. We will ship another container as soon as we can get the rest of the equipment needed to install the solar system.

I was talking with Dr. Moise last week and he reported that they performed a hip surgery for a woman on Nov 14th who had broken it when a wall fell on her during the earthquake – a full three months after the earthquake. It’s hard to imagine living with a broken hip for three months. The hospital is still seeing patients needing medical treatment from the earthquake. I had estimated that it would cost the hospital $65K a month to provide free medical treatment to earthquake victims for 2.5 months. In reality, this cost has been higher, ranging between $75-80K a month. With your support, we have raised almost $200K to date.

We desire to assist the 8 employees whose homes were either destroyed or heavily damaged from the earthquake; discussions have begun as to what that help will look like. We have received donations designated for these home repairs, which Duane and I will be bringing to Haiti. I believe that God has given each one of us unique talents that He expects us to put to work for His purposes. Let me tell you about one – Jim Heist. Jim is a retired machinist/tool & die maker from General Motors who attended church with Dr. Bill at Byron Center Bible. When he retired, he set up a small shop in his garage. In the past, he made external fixators for Dr. Bill to support severe fractures. When we hired our orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Lamy, a year and a half ago, we asked Jim to make us a supply of external fixators as purchasing the hardware needed is very expensive. I don’t even want to guess how many hours Jim has put into making these. These will lower the cost of orthopedic surgeries for a long time. Thank you to Jim, and the many others, who devote their time, talents, and resources to help us minister to the Haitian people.

We will continue to accept Rice & Goat donations up until Christmas. Since Dr. Bill began this program years ago to show our appreciation to the staff, it has become a Christmas tradition, made possible by your gracious support.

I have spent the last week sitting in my basement prison serving my quarantine. I’m thankful for relatively minor symptoms; still, not having energy to even do paperwork is against my style. Let us not forget and continue to pray for all those who have lost loved ones from this pandemic.

Duane and I plan to return to Haiti on Dec 10 and stay for a week. Please pray that our time there will be used wisely, that staff will be blessed, and that all who come to CSL will see Christ in all that we do.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. May the Lord continue to use your gifts for the advancement of His kingdom.

In Christ, Dan Boerman