Camp Mahanaim Update

Dear family and friends; Thank you so much for your outpouring of kindness and prayers for us these past few days. We have been busy and have emptied our house, the guesthouse and as much of the other buildings as possible. We moved most everything to the shop (which is high ground) and has a tin roof and is the only building not seriously structurally damaged. We are so thankful for the kindness of our fellow missionaries at the Dairy farm (10 minutes from camp), who have invited us to stay in their apartment and make it our home base. It would not be safe for us to stay at the camp as all of the buildings continue to move and sink into the soft ground. We will not be surprised if some more of the buildings have totally collapsed tomorrow after the storm and rain. Also, the wall along the river is destroyed, so there is no protection for the yard when the river floods. Lord willing, we plan to sell, give away and organize all the equipment and supplies at the camp, and then we are hoping in a couple of weeks that Agape flights can fly us together with Sandy the dog to Venice, Florida. Once in Florida we plan to meet with Danny Thomas (Harvest director) and then hopefully, rent, buy, or borrow a small motorhome and drive through the US and into Canada.

Thank you for your continued prayers as we make these decisions and transitions. We don’t know if/when we will return to Haiti at some point in the future, or if the Lord has another place for us to serve as missionaries. We know that for now we are planning to head home to process everything and see family, Lord willing. Thanks again for you prayers and support. Bye for now.

Love Rod, Debbie, and Katie