After the Storm – Camp Mahanaim

Update from the Wray’s:

Dear family and friends; Thank you so much for your prayers and emails of concern for us. We are well and are so thankful that hurricane Elsa was down scaled to a tropical storm (70 mph winds) just before she hit Haiti. We ended up staying right here at the Camp throughout the storm which lasted about 10 to 12 hours and we were in the center of the storm. Katie has made up a short youtube video if you would like to watch the storm Elsa.
Our internet has been offline all weekend, but we are thankful it was restored this afternoon. Most of the clean up in the yard has been completed also. The big waves brought a lot of ocean junk / seaweed and trash into the yard, but the neighborhood kids worked hard to get it all cleaned up.
Thank you so much again for your prayers and for keeping in touch.

Bye for now,

Love Rod, Debbie and Katie