David and Goliath

Dear family and friends;       

A couple weeks ago was Haitian Mother’s Day in Haiti and we were able to share gifts with many, both locally in the village, as well as through the area of the Renault Sunday school.

Deb preparing gifts to give to the Haitian mothers.

Distributing to the volleyball kids.

The kids were happy and thankful to have a gift to share with their moms.

At Sunday school we did the story of David and Goliath and our friend Duane did a great job of playing the part of Goliath against the little Haitian “David” reciting bible verses.    Here is a short video;   https://youtu.be/ouFm8hKl7kQ

We continue to host Haitian groups here at the camp and Deb has a good group of kitchen workers.

Years ago we built the track around the soccer field using “limestone” or white sand.   Now, we are removing all that white sand and using it to make a type of pavement on the roads inside the camp, while at the same time planting more grass and building a larger soccer field.


In just the past few weeks the covid virus has started to strengthen and spread in Haiti.    As of yesterday  we have reduced activities at Camp Mahanaim and the Sunday school.   We appreciate your prayers for us and Haiti during this time.   Here is a link to a youtube video that Katie made of the weddings last month; 


Thanks for your support and prayers, 

bye for now, 
Love Rod, Debbie and Katie