The Haitian Donkey Nears the Finish Line (Presumably)

Dear All,


It’s been roughly a week since we last wrote to you from our dad’s account to let you know that he had chosen to be put on hospice care. Since then, his health has steadily declined. Nevertheless, the care he gave to others in his life is being returned to him now as he is surrounded by his (many) siblings and their families who have taken over the tasks beyond what hospice offers, showing him their love in this most practical of ways. Because of this, he has been able to remain at home and spend time with his children, even hold his grandchildren when his health permits. He has received voice messages from dear friends in Togo and been able to speak briefly with his team of surgeons (and friends) in Haiti, all of which has encouraged him. We (and he) appreciate his extended family, his many friends, his coworkers, fellow churchgoers, and all of you for the support you have and continue to give him.


Please continue to hold him up in prayer over the next few days, above all as the pain increases beyond the limits of even a man as strong as he is. The pressure from fluid buildup in his body is making it difficult for him to breathe let alone speak, so most of all, we pray for him to find a measure of peace and respite from the pain even as he leaves us.  Pray also that our Father in heaven smooths his journey home, and that Dad would find peace and acceptance from the Word which he cherishes, even now that he can’t always read it on his own. He has run his race even in difficult times and is nearing the end. Thank you all for your support in this eight year battle, and we will continue to notify you when we have significant updates,


Rachel and James for the whole family