The Haitian Donkey Prays For Rest

Dear Family and Friends


It is with a great deal of sadness, but also gratitude for the time that we’ve had, that we write this email to all of you. Our dad has officially gone on hospice as of today, and based on his years of experience he believes his time left here on earth to be quite short since he is dealing with liver failure. Because many of you on this list have faithfully prayed for and supported him for years now, he wanted to let you know the current situation, and his need for prayers for this time of transition.


At the moment he is with us, his children, and his grandchildren, and we will be spending Christmas with him as best as we can given his health. Depending on his status, he may or may not be answering emails or phone calls, but we will be sure to let him know if you send him messages. We grieve with you, but also are comforted by the knowledge that his body will soon be completely healed of this cancer; and that he will be enjoying heaven with Karen, his Savior, and so many other loved ones.


Merry Christmas to you all,

Rachel and James for the whole family