The Haitian Donkey is back in the Hospital


This is Bill’s son James sending this message to all of the prayer warriors for Dad. We wanted to let you know that my wife Jenn took him back to St. Mary’s hospital early this morning. He has a fever that has spiked as high as 103, likely from another infection. Pray that the hospital staff will be able to get his temperature down, and get him stable again. His condition does seem to be quite serious, but it is a little early to say how much so. We will update you as to any significant changes. If you do have any questions, I will try to monitor Dad’s email and reply if possible. Pray also for Jenn as she is the only one currently allowed at the hospital. 

We appreciate the support all of you have given to the Haiti mission, and to our family, over the years, and look forward to that work continuing far into the future.

God bless,

James for Dr. Bill, Jenn, Rachel, and our dear friend Tabitha