The Haitian Donkey Is Back In The Hospital

We were stumbling along pretty well on our own, not necessarily doing great but stable.  The last week the donkey started losing steam again.  Some chills, nausea, vomiting and feeling out of sorts.  The temps remained low grade so started on low grade prophylaxis with Sulfa, one daily, per Dr. De Cook but  it didn’t seem to help.  The chills got more intense, the donkey’ wobbly legs were struggling to hold him up and my temp went up to 103.  I tried to hold on for a few more days, the donkey loves his stall at home so much more than the hospital accommodations.  To be fair, they have been great and gracious, the straw on the ground is clean and renewed daily, but they have no idea of thermostat control for a Haitian type.  We have it turned up full blast but it is only 71 in the hospital, while I keep it close to 80 in my stable.  They have drawn multiple sets of labs to the point they gave me a unit back yesterday and I will try to wiggle out another.  Have had 4 chest xrays, 2 CT angiograms, a TEE (transthoracic echocardiogram) and many other tests they could dream up. Some were encouraging, others troubling, but so far, none definitive.

They first decided I had a pulmonary embolism,  fairly scary diagnosis, thus the 2 CT angiograms, then decided it was pneumonia (not Covid) and put me on antibiotics and now have decided it is clotting on my PICC line and yanked that yesterday.  They started me on blood thinners,(scary to me as my ostomy has the 2 golf ball size cancer masses protruding from it and they bleed plenty easily on their own, they don’t need any help).  So, I have two more shots to give myself daily.  At least Rachel and Jenn are experts at it, James declines the adventure.  Rachel made it home yesterday and is with me in the hospital, giving Jenn a break, thankfully.  Jenn had taken the week off in hopes of doing something with her mother, but that got rerouted.  Due to line concerns, they have not given me any TPN and I have not taken in anything orally, so the legs are more scrawny to behold.

Dan, Duane and the Dutch Donkey are planning on heading back to Haiti on September 11 through 19, our first trip since Dan, Duane and I went in February.  They will have administrative work to do, organize the start of various construction projects, including the peds ward in Karen’s memory, starting prep work for the solar project, moving USAID to a centralized location and do the usual multitude of repair projects, the list has undoubtedly grown considerably.  We are looking for 6 or so carpenters and 6 or so electricians to help with the projects if that would be possible.  The dates are a bit flexible still at present as we are trying to flesh out more of the details and finances needed to prepare Centre de Sante Lumiere for the future.  Also, if you will, continue to pray for an ultrasound tech to come out and train William in ultrasound technique and a dentist part time to help out that department.  If you have skills in any of these departments, please contact Dan (616-901-6104) or Duane (616-299-3454). 

Once again, thank you for your prayers, friendship and support..

In His Service,

Bill, Dan, Duane, James, Jenn and Rachel