The Haitian Donkey Continues Preparations For His Homeland And The Hospital

Hi All:
Once again, I would like to update you on where we are and hope, by God’s grace, to be headed.  My health has stabilized, I now have been off the IV antibiotics for 4 weeks, the low grade temperature seems possibly related to a new complication.  For several weeks, I had discomfort when urinating, then started passing air, so clearly I have a connection between my colon and bladder.  For years, I have had tumor implants on my bladder, we have made the decision that I will not remove my bladder as life without it would not be very good (making a bladder out of intestine, an alternative, would only complicate things as my intestines are already too short to sustain life and this would sacrifice more).  Now, the tumor must have connected the two organs together and mixes contents, with resulting complications.  I have started a smaller dose of sulfa in hopes of keeping the infection somewhat under control.  Thus far, it seems to be helping. 

Eating has been pretty much nonexistent as the blockage seems to only allow passage of liquid without substance to it and air at times.  Not a lot of fun for a donkey who has always loved to forage freely.  My left leg remains quite shrunken from the nerve damage and painful, so I have to be careful with walking.  I use the walker if not on level ground, like in the house, etc.  Still experimenting on pain control during the night, that seems to be a bugger, as most pain meds work but keep me from sleeping, sort of a self defeating situation.  The size of my ostomy hole is so large that we have a lot of trouble keeping the contents coming out contained as they don’t make appliances large enough to fit this opening. It is a constant struggle to keep clean, I have had 5 leaks/floods in the last 24 hr.  Bummer!  Just keeping up with the washing of clothes is a struggle.

We are moving forward slowly on the solar project as we need further funding before proceeding too far.  As soon as we figure out how to get in and out of Haiti without too much complication with Covid (who wants to spend time in quarantine?), we will be starting to replace the electrical system where needed to accommodate the new system, redoing the roof to be able to tolerate the weight of the solar panels and building the pediatric ward (using the donations given in memory of my much missed wife) and other adjustments we have been needing to do for a while but have been unable to accomplish due to first the months of unrest and now Covid.  If we get clearance and more funding, we would love it if we could find 5 or 6 electricians and 5 or 6 carpenters to help with the electrical and roofing/construction projects, respectively.  The time frame is a little questionable yet, but feel free to contact Dan or Duane (will include numbers below) if you would be willing to help with these endeavors.  Also if you have questions about funding the solar project, I again am not an expert on these issues.

Dr. William will, Lord Willing, be freed from his residency at the end of August and can return to Cayes, though still has to do his research and defend his position, but at least he can work on it from Cayes and return to complete this last step by the end of the year.  Pray for wisdom for navigating his reintegration as we all want it to work but need to get the details figured out.  We have given a 3 month contract to the Physiotherapy Technician and a nurse that has worked there for the last year with Ulrike Schaller, so we hope that department will continue to do as well as it has under her leadership as she is going back to Germany for their furlough soon.  We wish her the best in her time back home as she has contributed so much to our progress there.

Once again, thank you so much for your prayers, support and encouragement as the Donkey and his friends make progress on the health issues at home and at Centre de Sante Lumiere, to help the work there progress for His glory.

In His Service,

Bill, Dan, Duane, Rachel, James, and Jenn

Dan:  616-901-3104

Duane: 616-299-3454