The Haitian Donkey gets a small break

Hi Everyone. 

This is Rachel for all of us, to give you a brief update on Dad’s situation and to thank you for all of your prayers on his behalf. He and I spent most of yesterday at the hospital having his port line changed. The procedure went well, but he is quite sore now from all of the poking and prodding. 

In regards to the specific prayers for his blockage, he continues to deal with that situation. He was able to have a little bit of a respite from that as of yesterday (unrelated to his procedure), but it remains to be seen how much has cleared and for how long. It’s one day at a time right now. He does appreciate knowing how much support he has from his family, friends and patients; James, Jenn and I are especially grateful for those of you who have helped us with food and even plants that brighten an otherwise difficult time. 

I am sure he will reach out to you with a more comprehensive update when he is feeling a bit better and has had some rest. In the meantime, we are thankful for you and your prayers on his behalf. 

Rachel, James and Jenn for the sleeping Haitian Donkey