A Very Sick Donkey

Good morning, Jenn here.  Dad has asked that we get a brief update out for prayer.  About 5 days ago he suspected he developed a partial GI blockage, which he often gets as a result of mucous cancer cells “squeezing” the bowels.  A couple days ago he started experiencing severe heartburn and vomiting, which is quite rare given he eats little by mouth and everything he does eat flows into his ostomy bag. Thus, he believes his partial blockage has turned into a full blown blockage.  We have tried everything we can think of, short of surgery, to help the heartburn and limit the vomiting, without success.  He is quite miserable at the moment, and has said that if the blockage doesn’t clear soon he will have some very difficult decisions to make.  He always knew the “suffocation” of his organs was a possibility due to the cancer, so fear he is now experiencing this.

We covet your prayers that the blockage would clear, but if not, he would be relieved of the suffering.

Jenn for Bill, Rachel and James