Update On The Haitian Donkey And His Homeland

Hi All:

I have received a number of requests about updating how both the Haitian Donkey and Haiti is doing.  So, will try to be brief.   I am stable, have almost had 2 weeks of the IV antibiotic, my white counts are coming down, but still have fevers if off the Tylenol and energy level is lousy.  My nausea has continued and I have heartburn a lot, despite taking Prevacid and Zantac, usually relieved by vomiting, which I do every other day or so.  The rest of that day, I feel fine, but that doesn’t help my putting on any meat on my bones. It does appear that, with adjustment of the dose, my kidneys have bounced back to normal, thankfully.   With the nice weather we have been having, have been able to get out and walk a bit with my walker, Rachel goes to the quite empty park with me and runs her 3 mile workout while I toddle along and rest on the picnic table while I wait for her to return.  I have been able to get around the house/basement without the walker fairly well, just troubled that the legs tend to collapse.  Actually it is only the left leg, the anesthesia has left it after 7 yr and it is now painful and weak.  For the most part, I am handling it well, but my sleep is troubled by the painful throbbing in the left leg and using stronger pain meds is not an option for me, as I cannot sleep that that makes the goofy Donkey even goofier.

I have been in contact with Drs. William and Moise a lot, plus some with the administrator, Welser Romulus, they are doing ok but the country is physically clamping down on people starting tomorrow by blocking the road and only letting supplies and food through.  The buses and taxies continue to be packed, as most of the people are desperate as they have not been able to sell their goods for close to a year now and so the risk of the virus is balanced out by the certainty of starvation if they don’t try to do something. Plus, many likely have a hard time understanding what a virus is and how something they cannot even see can cause such devastation.  They have had like 20 tested cases and one death that they know of, who knows how many testing kits are available and used.  They also have little in the way of prevention, so the lack of social spacing increases the risk even more. Please pray for them, especially Dr. William, who is in the middle of it in Port without much in the way of protection.

In His Service,

Bill for all of us