The Haitian Donkey Is Concerned For His Homeland

Hi All: 

Once again, Haiti remains in a state of turmoil and the majority of the citizens remain innocent victims.  The protests have continued pretty much unabated for a couple months now, off and on for well over a year, with no end in sight.  The protestors have crippled almost all business activities as well as any transportation, including buses and trucks that bring essential fuel, food and supplies.  As mentioned earlier, many hospitals have had to close their doors due to no electricity or supplies, Centre de Sante Lumiere continues to operate, though surgery services were not provided by myself last month and there is some question about the month of November due to the continued unrest.  They remain quite busy as patients cannot find care elsewhere, but are going sparingly on the use of our diesel for the generator. 

We have a container in Port, as do our coworkers with the ACC, who have 3 containers in Port, 2 for Hopital Lumiere and one for another ministry they support.  However, no one dares send them out on the road for fear that they will be hijacked, stuff stolen and/or destroyed by the rioters, even with the police escort we are hiring whenever they can move. Quite a few more missionaries have left the country for the time being, understandably.  So, there are a lot of questions as to the stability of Haiti’s future, both immediate and long term and we would appreciate prayer for God’s intervention and that food supplies (especially) and other vital services can reach the hundreds that likely are dying of hunger or unable to fight off simple diseases in their malnourished state. 

Also, Dr. Moise reminded me a couple days ago that we usually raise the “rice and goats” fund in December and he felt that this year it would be especially appreciated as the goude has sunk to new lows so that what limited funds they do have doesn’t go very far.  I promised him that we would try to raise some funds again to help the people with their basic necessities of life.  Hopefully, the riots will let up in time for more rice to be shipped in from the port in Port, where it has been stuck for the last indeterminate time.  Goats will likely be available as no one is taking them to Port to sell without transportation at present.  As mentioned before, the goats will not likely be eaten, as without refrigeration, one would not slaughter the animal and have to eat it in a couple days, rather it will be kept, raised, and used for unexpected expenses like school and hospital bills, funerals, etc.  So, not to worry, your little goat will not be someone’s supper for quite a while yet, most likely, and will live to get into trouble for days to come. 

If you would like to contribute to the “Rice and Goat’s Fund”, please send it to either:

Centre de Sante Lumiere

C/O PVI Industrial Washing

2632 28th St SW

Wyoming, MI  49519


Byron Center Bible Church

8855 Byron Center Ave,

Byron Center, MI  49315

Please identify the monies as “Rice and Goat’s Fund”

Thank you so much, as always,

In His Service, Dan, Duane and Bill for the CSL Haiti Staff