The Haitian Donkey Has His Wobbly Legs Back Under Him

Hi All:
First, I want to thank the Lord that Dr. Fred Brown and Tom Failing, both veterans of many trips to Haiti to help at the hospitals there (Fred spent years at Bonne Fin Hospital, our sister hospital in the hills years ago, also right after the earthquake, helping to set it back on it’s feet after years of struggling), have arrived safely without any complications on Saturday.  I spoke briefly with Tom on Monday and all was going well thus far.  It does seem that things have calmed down considerably, though stability is not a sure thing ever in Haiti.  I haven’t heard how the cases are going, will contact Dr. Moise soon and get his update on that aspect.

I also wanted to update you on the Donkey’s health.  Thanks to many friends and relatives working hard, I am now in my very nice basement apartment at James and Jenn’s house.  We still have some things to finish, but sleeping in the hospital bed with the kitty, who thinks the shelf around the room is for strolling at night while he meows.  He and I seem to be settled in quite well.  After 9 weeks of no food and 5 of no fluids except in my central line/TPN, Dr. Dan De Cook explored the mess that is my abdominal wall on the 16th of August, cleaned up what he could (he could not see the fistula, the abnormal connection from my bowel, but it is small, though troublesome, so not really a surprise) and tried to close things in layers.  It is sore, but quite tolerable and I am thankful for his help in trying to get a wobbly Donkey back on his feet.  I will likely wait a few more weeks to take in some nourishment, to let the hole, wherever he is hiding, scar down so that I don’t get a leak in my belly, a very serious complication, considering the mess inside my belly, possibly fatal.  I have been able to keep up my work schedule and Dan, Duane, Mark and I are planning on heading for Haiti in a month.  Also, the Haiti Team is planning on shipping a 40 foot container on the 17th of September with supplies. 

I have not had a chance to speak to Dr. William the last few weeks, he was doing well after his return from France and the training there, will soon start his last year of surgical residency.  Thus, there will be a lot of work to do to help reintegrate him back in the hospital and in a somewhat new role. As he and Dr. Moise have been friends for almost half a century, I am hoping we can work around potential speed bumps and make the transition smoothly.  The Dutch Donkey (Evert Bek) and I will return in October, Dr. Luke in November, and a bunch of my family plus Sam, Tabitha and myself in earliish December.  The schedule after that is a bit up in the air, I am hoping that the political situation will remain calm and my health will permit further trips to work on the hospital projects, surgery, administration and whatever presents itself.

Thanks for praying for the present team of Fred and Tom, the 4 of us next month and then the rest of the year. Pray for the container loading and safe travels/arrival.  Also continue to pray for especially Drs. Moise and William and the future of the hospital in their hands, plus that of Welser and that, in all things, the will of God will be made plain to us and that we will follow it for His glory.

In His Service, Bill for Fred and Tom and the rest of the crew