A couple Brief Prayer Requests

Hi All:

I had planned on an update after we returned from Haiti, but life has been hectic for a number of reasons. The busy week ended well, we did 49 cases, few little ones as Dr. Moise does little things while I am gone, not sure if totally legal but he certainly is capable. Friday night, the 3 of us were wrapping things up, packing and just sharing thoughts. The main one I appreciated was that all 3 of us spontaneously agreed that the Lord had given each of us the very best spouse we could ever have and we thanked Him for that. That was a special thought. The trip home went well, though Michigan persisted in giving us a chilly reception. We hope it is the last for a while, at least til the late fall.

Sunday evening after church, we picked up our dear friend, Pastor Etienne Degbey, from a church in Indiana where he had spoken in the evening. He was our OR tech during our 10 years in Africa, as well as the leader in our largest church plant and now a national missionary there, working on his 3rd church, come briefly to stay with us during his reporting to his 4 supporting churches (and some individuals, including Karen and I). He speaks fluent French and Eve (the tribal language, tonal) but the mission here would like him to learn English better so he can be the area director for them there, but how to do it when no one speaks English to teach you and to practice with. He continues to be an inspiration to me, the fact that he and his family give their lives to their own people rather than going to the U.S. for a better life, at least financially, as many of his family have done. It had been 7 years since we last saw him, though the marvels of modern technology let us communicate regularly.

My health has given me some fits, have had almost constant nausea (common since my first cancer surgery and the following chemotherapy, but also often gets worse as an early warning sign of a developing infection). However, I never could find a fever, my blood counts were normal without signs of an infection, so kept watching, working and waiting. Finally, Thursday, things got worse with a fever spike, etc. I have cultures cooking and have started IV Vancomycin again and ask your prayers for wisdom in finding out why these bugs come back so often of late. We are super careful with line changes (the tubing part), just changed the line going into my chest/vena cava a month ago over a wire, so why can we not stay ahead of it. Planning on going to Haiti next weekend but pray that the riots will not wreck things for us and the Haitian people, a real possibility, but we want to go if at all possible. This infection will knock me back out of the Immunotherapy trials for a while, pray that the cancer and infection will be prevented from raising its evil head.

In His Service,

Bill, Duane, Evert,,Linda,  Robin,,Ruth and Tabitha