The Haitian Donkey and Friends Enjoy Haiti Again

Hi All:
Once again, the Haitian Donkey is happy to be warm and comfortable in his homeland. The last few weeks were a bit difficult as I have had 2 significant line infections since I came home last time, so that the spindly Haitian Donkey legs have been more shaky and feeble than normal. A week ago, I had my Hickman catheter changed over a wire as I have no easily available spots to put a new line in, it is a bit sore but otherwise doing well. I am on both IV antibiotics (Vancomycin) and oral large doses of Ciprofloxin, so hoping that I will make steady progress. It is nice to be in the warm environment so that the cold factor is non existent. We are sorry to hear that the nasty winter continues back home, but thankful for a bit of a respite.

The trip down here went very well except that, about 6 am, it felt like the plane hit a stray reindeer up at 30,000 ft. Everyone was a bit stunned, we had been warned that we would have turbulence over Kentucky and the rest of the way down, so they were doing the drink distribution early. I took a regular Sprite, feeling that a bit of sugar would perk things up on the inside. I had two sips and was dozing a bit when we hit the something and the plane lurched and I had a Sprite shower to contend with. I was holding the cup but not in the air so it went all over the place. The rest of the trip went smoothly after that. We went through customs and had a smooth trip to the hospital, for which we thank the Lord as we saw only the remaining effects of the rioting, burned tires and other junk but no rioting. 

We settled down in the hospital, all three of us staying in the little house up on the hill. Surgical clinic was rather busy, if this is an indication of what the week will be like, we will have a crazy week. It looks like the rest of the team, ie Dan and Micah, will have a busy time in the heat, as the well pump went out again and will have to be pulled and replaced, a sweaty job in the heat. The laundry washing machines have been a pain to keep running of late and again require attention. The truck needs some more welding to keep the bumpers functional, but ran well on the trip down, again, something to thank the Lord for.

Will try to do a better job of keeping you up to date, but appreciate your prayers for health, safety and progress as we serve our Lord here in Haiti at CSL.

In His Service,

Bill, Dan and Micah