Christmas is coming for the Haitian Donkey’s coworkers

Hi All:
I am very thankful for all of you who have prayed and encouraged us through the last month.  It does seem like the struggle to overcome the infection this time was more difficult and took longer, but we are grateful that it seems to have arrived at a decent state of health, all things considering. I have been off the IV antibiotics now for 10 days and eating more and feel stronger again. I won’t run any races yet, but each day is progress.

Lord willing, two weeks from today, we will be able to rejoin our Haitian colleagues for another week of work. Duane and Ruth will stay for a month or so, as they are trying to build a proper incinerator that will BOTH work and meet the interesting standards put out by governmental authorities. I am always appreciative of my partners who can figure those things out, as I would be lost trying to make a proper, functional burning site. Tabitha and her sister, Zella, will join us for work in the OR/hospital and other projects in that domain.

However, I was just reminded that Christmas is coming as some individuals have sent in contributions to the annual “Rice and Goats Fund,” something that has been a great encouragement to our employees each year since the earthquake. (Incidentally, the earthquake last weekend was only 5.9 vs the 8 that came 8 years ago and was mostly up in the northern part of Haiti, still leading to loss of life and dwellings, etc, but in a much reduced capacity, for which we thank the Lord). The financial situation in Haiti has just slowly gone in the wrong direction since that disaster, aggravated a couple years ago by the hurricane that devastated our area. Thanks to the generous contributions of funds, time, labor and materials, many of our employees and others who lost parts or all of their homes have had their residences repaired. However, our area still suffers from difficult times that seem to outweigh the good times, especially in the financial realm.  Thus, we are hoping that we can raise funds to help our employees have a special time again this Christmas as they celebrate the great gift of our Savior.

If you would be willing to contribute to this fund, please send it to either:

Centre de Sante Lumiere

c/o Dan Boerman

PVI Industrial Washing, Inc.

2886 Clydon, S.W.

Wyoming, MI  49519




Byron Center Bible Church

8855 Byron Center Avenue

Byron Center, MI  49315


And designate it for “Rice and Goats Fund” so that it gets directed to the right department.

Thanks again so much for all you all do to help us, both the CSL team in the US and in Haiti.

In His Service,

Bill for the CSL Employees