God’s faithfulness

Dear family and friends;

We are so thankful for the continued ministry of the Missouri medical team which began 14 years ago through the efforts of one man; our dear friend Dr. Jon Roberts. Over the years, he has brought more than 150 different people to Haiti, mostly in the medical field. This year we did medical clinics in 4 different locations and served about 3,400 patients.


It has been fun to have several of the Haitian young people from volleyball work with us, not only in translating, but learning about the medical field.

For many of the poor Haitian people in our area, the Missouri medical team is their one opportunity each year to see a doctor and receive medical care.

We are sad that this Easter Sunday will be the last Sunday at Renault with our friends and co-workers the Yordys, They will be returning to Illinois next week, so we ask for your prayers for them as they travel and get settled back home.

We had a special farewell for the Yordys here at Camp Mahanaim a couple of weeks ago and many people attended. Katie will especially miss her friends Chloe and Gabby.

We were sorry that our second German Shepherd died in February, but with the help of some very kind friends, and Agape Flights, we were able to bring in “Sandy” from Florida. Sandy is a 12 week old purebred English Mastiff puppy and Katie loves her.

We continue to thank the Lord for Jeanette who has been with us for 15 years now, since we moved to Haiti in 2003.

We recently had the Athletes in Action Canadian volleyball players here and we had a great time of fun and ministry together with them. They really connected with the kids in our rec volleyball program.

The Athletes in Action young people had opportunities to minister in several ways, not only by playing volleyball. In one of the small Haitian homes we found an older man lying on the cement floor, naked, and curled up, just waiting to die.

Katie has tried to keep up with her online school even while hosting teams, but it isn’t always easy and the other day, she fell asleep while studying. We are so thankful for Katie’s help in hosting teams and her heart for serving the Lord. She is a great partner in ministry.

Thanks so much for your continued support and prayers.
bye for now,

Love Rod, Deb and Katie