Katie to the rescue

Dear family and friends;

Summer camps have begun here at Camp Mahanaim and the visiting teams have done a great job of helping out, including bringing amazing crafts for the campers to do. We were surprised three weeks ago when our dear friend and long time co-worker Myrlande resigned. She left some big holes to fill, including the leading of the Renault Sunday school program and we are so thankful that Katie has stepped up and helped out.

Katie helping lead the Renault Sunday school

Katie translating at camp

Katie helping lead singing at camp

Katie helping kids do crafts at camp

Katie also leads the “Angels” volleyball team as the setter and last month, our Angels beat the Haiti national Under 20 volleyball team, and several of our girls are very young like Katie (14 years old).

Deb has also done great, and is giving jobs to our “Angels” volleyball girls more and more, not only as workers but as camp counselors too.

Deb has many visitors who love and depend on her every week

Please pray for us as we seek the Lord’s will for the Renault Sunday school which continues to grow.

Also, we would appreciate your prayers as we are working with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to take the Angels volleyball team to the Dominican Republic for games and ministry in early July.

Thanks, bye for now,

Love Rod, Deb and Katie